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Metering Valves | McMaster-Carr

Designed for high-pressure instrumentation applications, these valves are rated for up to 10, 000 psi and have a hex nut and threads below the handle for panel mounting. Use with water, oil, air, and inert gas. Turn the handle to adjust flow in small increments for metering, sampling, and …

Metering Valves | Manufacturer

Metering valve, 1000 PSI - NM Series. Parker''s NM Series Metering Valves provide accurate and stable control of flow rates in various applications up to 1,000 PSI (138 BAR). These medium flow metering valves have a Cv of .055 for Inline and .057 for Angle body pattern.

Metering Valves

The Cartridge Chamber Metering Valve is a new generation of precision metering valves based on a completely new principle. ... industrial, automotive, medical, electronics and other manufacturing markets with precision metering mixing and dispensing equipment. Whether you need a consistent bond, accurate electronic encapsulation, proportioning ...

Metering Valves

The metering chamber is an exchangeable cartridge contained within an aluminum valve body. The volumetric output is infinitely adjustable within its limits. The speed of metering depends on the viscosity of the material and the material pressure. Adjusting the metering volume can be achieved easily by simply changing the metering cartridge.

Metering Valves | wittgas

Our product range includes gas mixers, gas analyzers, leak detection systems, flashback arrestors, check valves, pressure regulators and more. Mix it like professionals WITT offers high-quality gas mixers / gas blenders and gas metering systems for two or more gases, for …

Metering Valves | DOPAG

DOPAG metering valves are suitable for the metering and application of low to high-viscosity media such as greases, oils, adhesives, sealants and silicones. They are used in all areas of industry. The metering valves meet all the criteria required for optimal …

KGK-400 series METERING VALVE | Control Equipment | …

2020-1-18 · KGK-400 series METERING VALVE. KGK metering valves are able to apply metered shots of media such as greases and adhesives. By replacing a built-in. metering cylinder, KGK metering valves cover metered shot volumes between 0.5mL to 50mL. Grease Metering Valve Specification.

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Fuel metering valve The company''s main: fuel common rail metering valve, SCV valve, IMV valve, DRV valve, pressure relief valve, common rail pressure sensor, 2000 products, and more than 500 varieties of other series products such as idling motor, idling valve, EGA valve, etc..

Metering Valves | Parker NA

Parker metering valves are designed to provide accuracy and stability of flow rates in analytical, instrumentation and research applications. We offer a wide variety of options and assemblies. Our range includes pressure compensated flow control valves which extend to applications that demand constant flow with varying loads and pressures.

Dispense Equipment, Light Curing Equipment | LOCTITE

The LOCTITE® EQ VA40™ CA Volumetric Valve is a positive displacement metering valve designed for dispensing precise volumetric drops of cyanoacrylate adhesives (CA''s) with each cycle. Product Features: Volumetric / positive displacement design provides precise and consistent dispense quantity. Robust Long Life > 1 million cycles.

Metering Equipment – Valves, Pumps & More | Nordson

2018-5-1 · Explore Nordson''s line of metering valves, pumps and mixing equipment Get precise fluid application and improve manufacturing speed with Nordson metering equipment. Our metering valves, metering pumps and other metered dispensing equipment controls flow rates for adhesives, lubricants and other liquid materials.

Metering Valves | DOPAG

Metering valves are pneumatically controlled and cover shot sizes of 0.001 ml to 100 ml. The needle metering valve is suitable for very small volumes of up to 3 ml per shot. The chamber metering valve covers a wider range of metering volumes than the needle metering valve and also offers higher process reliability thanks to its functionality ...

High Precision Metering Valves

Teflon valves for semiconductor equipment. NP series. High Precision Metering Valves. The NP series needle valve precisely adjusts flow rate of DI water and chemical. Applicable Media:DI Water, Corrosive Fluid. Media Pressure:A→B:0~0.5MPa,B→A:0~0.5MPa. Media Temperature:15~90℃. Ambient Temperature:10~60℃.

Micromite forged metering valves

Micromite forged metering valves. 1600 series. Over £10m of on hold stock available to be delivered. Many products available same day or next day delivery. European distribution with global reach. PCE stocks a range of Hoke® micromite forged metering valves in a variety of sizes and materials.

Gas Metering Skids & Valves

Safety Relief Valves – Surpassing design pressure is potentially damaging to process plant, equipment and personnel. Bailey Birkett Safety Relief Valves are installed to prevent exceeding design pressure and to protect valuable assets. The Birkett range of safety relief valves contains three distinct valve types: WB Series – spring loaded.

Needle Metering Valves | DOPAG

The valve consists of two structurally separate parts, meaning that material cannot leak into the drive cylinder and interfere with the movement of the valve needle. This feature makes the needle metering valve an exceptionally reliable and low-maintenance piece of metering equipment.

Chamber Metering Valves | DOPAG

Chamber metering valves are used for dot application of low to high viscosity media. Compared to the needle metering valve, they offer a larger range of shot sizes. Thanks to an innovative design that features a ''snuff back'' effect, these valves are characteristic for their high process stability and dripfree application when dispensing low ...

Bar stock metering valves

PCE stocks a range of bar stock metering valves in a variety of sizes and materials. Typical applications. Metering liquids and gases on analytical equipment. Laboratory sampling. Gas chromatography, analysers. Flow meters and gauges. Features and specifications. Connections: 1/4" to 1/8". Flow pattern: globe and angle.

Metering Valves » Abrasive Sand Blasting Spray Equipment ...

Schmidt TERA XL Metering Valve. Add to Quote & Enquire List. This product is already in quote request list. CLICK TO VIEW LIST. Schmidt Thompson® Valve II – Abrasive Metering Valve. Add to Quote & Enquire List. Schmidt MicroValve 3 – Abrasive Metering Valve. Add to Quote & Enquire List. Schmidt® MicroValve™ Abrasive Metering Valve.

Metering Valves | wittgas

High-Precision Metering Valve featuring sintered element - the perfect alternative to needle valves. For precise setting of gas volumes, e.g. in laboratory or for burner supply. For very small gas flow rates. Resistant to dirt compared to needle valves.

Flow Metering Valves

Lee Directional Flow Controls Lee Directional Flow Control valves provide metered flow in one direction, and free flow in the opposite direction. Functionally equivalent to a check valve in parallel with a flow restrictor, they are available in four diameters (0.187" - …

Abrasive Metering Valves

Distributor of corrosion control equipment since 1955 and OEM and integrator providing factory automation and engineered control systems for industry Abrasive Metering Valves - Controls and Valves - Blasting Equipment

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YR-15533. 0928400797. YR-15107. Fuel metering valve The company''s main: fuel common rail metering valve, SCV valve, IMV valve, DRV valve, pressure relief valve, common rail pressure sensor, 2000 products, and more than 500 varieties of other series products such as idling motor, idling valve, EGA valve, etc.. View more.

Abrasive Metering Valves & Spares

We offer an extensive range of abrasive metering valves available to buy online. Browse our website today to find everything you''re looking for. Abrasive Metering Valves & Spares - Blast Pot Accessories & Spares - Abrasive Blasting Equipment - Products By Category

Metering & Chemical Valves

METERING VALVE BRASS 1/4"F X 1/4"F. Product Code: 53510. Max 250 Bar. 80°C. 1/4" F. Without Knob. 9 Item (s) Show 12 24 48 96 per page. Sort By Position Name SKU Price Angle in Degrees° P.O.A Voltage Max litres per minute Max Temperature in °C Nozzle size LENGTH Select Nozzle Size DN Internal Diameter Application Hose_Inlet Hose_Outlet ...